To our extended whanau at Rainbow Bears Preschool.

No words can possibly come close to the gratitude we feel for the loving care and education given to our precious little girl over the past 3 ½ years.

Ngiculela has grown from a small curious toddler into a caring, confident young girl ready to enter school.

Lynley and Leigh, thanks for always providing a safe educational centre with an amazing group of teachers.

Neelam, thankyou for caring and being a wonderful first teacher. You and Gina gave Ngiculela a positive start to Preschool life and social interaction at Rainbow Bears, continually providing what was best for her.

Kola, Prita, Buddhika, Kirsty, Betty and JiYong. The care, love and dedication given to Ngiculela and her peers is wonderful.

You have all gone above and beyond the call of duty, treating Ngiculela like one of your own.

The Special bonds built between our daughter, the teachers and teachers children will be sorely missed when she goes to school.
We could never thank you enough.


Cheung Tau Family – Harry, Aisha and Ngiculela.

Cheung Tau Family – Harry, Aisha and Ngiculela,